Monday, 26 September 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Clothes are mandatory in everyone’s life and while some people simply buy them because of their necessity, others are passionate about fashion and they invest in quality valuable garments. As such, they are looking for ways to take good care of their precious clothes and help them last longer in the best condition. If you too want to make sure you will always be well-dressed with clothes that look and feel good, you are surely interested in learning 5 easy and effective ways to make your clothes last longer.

1. Wash them accordingly

Many people ignore reading the labels on the clothes because they assume that washing can only be done one way. This is one of the major mistakes you can make when caring for your clothes. Different materials have different specifications and it’s best to know how each one should be washed in order to prevent bleaching or tearing. Read the labels and if you don’t understand a sign, search the web and see what it means so you will know which is the best washing method. Always use quality products that protect the fabrics and don’t traumatize soft and delicate clothes made of veil, silk, or lace. Hand washing might be in demand with some clothes and others might not be suitable for drying in the dryer. Don’t mix colors and most important, don’t use bleach too often because it ruins the fabrics.

2. Wear clothes by rotation

You might have a favorite garment that you wear more often than others but this could mean it will wear out faster and very soon, you will have to say goodbye to it. Wearing something obsessively puts it to a lot of stress and it damages the fibers so it’s wise to rotate your clothes and give them some time in the closet. Pants are usually worn twice as much as shirts so they deserve some time to “breathe” while jackets usually sit more in the closet and last for more seasons. Make sure you wear clothes by rotation even if you have a favorite item that you like to mix and match.

3. Store them properly

Not only wearing can damage garments but also how you store them in the closet. Most of the damage occurs when the season changes and you need to switch from the summer to the winter wardrobe. If you are not going to use items for an entire season, you need to store them with care, in airy spaces so they will not get wrinkled and musty. Avoid overcrowding the closet and use quality hangers that don’t stretch the shoulders of your clothes. Vacuum bags should be out of the discussion because they form wrinkles and don’t allow the air to circulate. But clothes can also be damaged during an entire season if you don’t fold them properly or you don’t hang them in an airy closet. You should carefully choose your hangers and always fold and store clothing items carefully on shelves or in drawers to prevent wrinkles.

4. Be careful when ironing

Many clothes require ironing before each use and this can also lead to premature damage to the fibers unless you know which is the proper way of ironing. The regular iron with a sole that gets hot can ruin the fabrics and cause irreparable burns, which is why it’s best to get rid of it and get a clothes steamer in return. You can choose between a floor or a handheld model that you can discover at Steamer.Clothing, each ready to remove wrinkles with maximum ease of use and portability. According to the Steamer.Clothing comparison, any of the models chosen creates a powerful steam that softens and looseness the fabrics in order to eliminate wrinkles without affecting the fibers. The biggest advantage is that no hot sole will touch the fabrics so you can protect even the most delicate garments and extend their lifespan. Either floor or handheld steamers can be used on any type of fabric and you will get excellent ironing results without endangering your precious clothes.

5. Avoid dry cleaning

Of course, it’s much easier and more comfortable to take the clothes to the dry cleaning as often as possible but this could also mean more damage to the fabrics and texture. At the dry cleaner, they use plenty of chemicals that, in time, attach the fabrics and weaken their resistance to wear and tear. If you have pretentious suits, dresses, jackets, and pants, you are likely a regular customer of cleaning services because you find it very hard to clean them at home. To prevent serious damage, try to reduce the dry cleaning visits to times when you have to remove stubborn stains and only refresh your clothes at home using a steamer. With the help of the steam, you can eliminate odors and remove wrinkles from clothes you wear occasionally so you will not have to wash and dry them too often. Your clothes steamer will work this time too and so, you will manage to protect your demanding clothes for a longer time.