Monday, 30 January 2023

Best Garage Organization Tips to Eliminate Clutter

Keeping the house clean might not be your favorite pastime, but it is a chore you must tend to if you want everything to be organized, in check, and not have a hard time finding whatever you need. Woefully, while most of us keep our houses clean and perfectly organized, the same cannot be always said about the garage. Here, a lot of people – maybe you included – tend to throw away whatever objects they do not use anymore but don’t want to throw away either, like sports equipment, repair tools, gardening tools, even old shoes, and so on.

If you cannot seem to “fix” the situation with your garage and are looking for quick and easy fixes to get rid of the clutter, you have come to the right place. stick with us until the end of this article to learn some organizing tips which will help free up the garage and bring order back into this once chaotic space.

Before you begin

    • First step – Clean the garage and sort your belongings

Before you even think about organizing anything, you have to do a thorough cleaning. Start with moving as many items as you can out of the garage so you can tend to clean the floor, dusting shelves, and any other cleaning task it needs. When you are done and everything is spotless, do not rush to move everything back inside the garage, but rather do a thorough sorting. Move the objects back inside one by one, and throw away objects you cannot find a use for anymore. Also, group all of the belongings in one place when you do put them back to have enough clear space for the organizing guidelines we will provide immediately.

    • Second step – Put safety measures in place

Another task you should tend to before you start organizing the garage is checking if all needed safety measures are in place. If you do not already have a fire extinguisher here, buy one and hang in on one of the walls immediately. Who knows what projects you will be up to in the garage, so it is better to be smart and safe than sorry in the event of a fire outbreak. We also recommend you install a carbon monoxide detector, especially if you keep gas gardening tools in this space. Furthermore, in case you do not have an anti-theft security measure in check, install one if the form of a garage door opener that will prevent any intruders from gaining access to this area of your home. By doing so, all of your valuable belongings will be kept out of burglar’s hands, and you won’t have to worry about them when you are away from home.

Garage organization tips for a clutter-free space

Now that the garage is clean and safety considerations have been taken care of, let’s move on to the 5 organization tips which will help you enjoy a 100% clutter-free garage!

  • #1 – Gain extra space with storage racks for your bikes

    Bikes might be fun and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle, but storing them when they are not in use can be quite a big nightmare as they tend to occupy a lot of space. Instead of letting this problem persist, install a storage rack that can fit all of the bikes you own. Garage bike storage racks are usually installed on one of the walls, some even on the ceiling. Regardless of their installation manner, what is certain is the fact that you will earn a lot of floor space with this organization idea.

  • #2 – Keep your tools neat on a pegboard

    All garages are filled with tools, and if they are not rounded up in the same place, it is torture finding the one you need for the project you are working on. Get rid of the clutter and have everything in your sight with the simple addition of a pegboard where you pin all of the tools you own. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about stepping on scissors or not finding the hammer as these items, as well as all of your other tools, will sit neatly together on the pegboard, in your reach.

  • #3 – Store off-season shoes in vintage crates

    When spring arrives and you can finally stop wearing those heavy boots you wore throughout the entire cold season, you might have problems finding a storage space for them. If in-house storing of off-season shoes is an issue for you, then you have most likely placed the wearables in the garage, where they can present a major inconvenience. To keep them neatly together, take some vintage crates and stack them on top of each other to create a storage space for the footwear you won’t wear for another 6-9 months.

  • #4 – Hold gardening tools straight with PVC pipes

    Where else are you going to store your gardening tools if not in the garage. However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about the mess these tools tend to create due to their size and high count. By far, the best organizing solution would be to pin them vertically against the wall with the help of PVC pipes. This way, your rakes, forks, spades, shovels, and so on, will not occupy floor space anymore, it will be easier for you to grab them when certain gardening chores must be performed, and you will keep them protected as well.

  • # – Put all sports goods in a storage cart

    If you or other household members are into sports, you probably have a ton of sports goods and equipment stored away in the garage in a chaotic manner. Get rid of this chaos by either putting a storage cart together yourself or buying one and sorting all of these items in it. This way, not only will you free up a lot of floor and shelf space taken up by the sports goods, but it will be easier to find them when needed as well.