Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Best Home Improvements for Less Than $500

What does a homeowner do when they want to add a little oomph on a budget? Go for a a small tweak that makes a big impact. Local remodeling contractors can generally work on any budget, but here are some ideas to get you started. Some you may even be able to do on your own if you have the time and the tools.

Power Wash Your Roof

Roofs are something you don’t often pay attention to unless there’s a problem. Sure, you may notice a few streaks here and there. However, a thorough seasonal power wash won’t cost a whole lot, but you’d be surprised at the difference in appearance.

Add a Little Curb Appeal

New landscaping out front doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. Having your lawn edged and seeded, adding a flower border along the walkway or the across the front of your home, or planting an ornamental tree or two can add interest without draining your n=bank account. Other ideas include a installing a new curbside mailbox or outside lighting.

Install a New Front Door

This is a way to add security and appeal at the same time. A decorative security door is on the more expensive end of the entryway spectrum, but you can also install an attractive wooden or aluminum door with a decorative window. You can also repaint your current door if it’s in good condition. If you have a garage, you can paint the garage door to match.

How much more you’re able to accomplish depends on the space around your front door. If you have a relatively small entry way with a low threshold and a few feet of concrete, you can add potted flowers, a new doorbell and welcome mat to round out the look. A full front porch gives you many more options, including hanging plants, statuary or maybe a new porch swing. The limits are only your imagination and budget.

New Paint

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to freshen up your home and add appeal. You don’t need to paint your entire exterior, just update the color of the trim and door. If the rest of the exterior is looking a little dingy, but a full paint job isn’t in your budget, you can always have the whole house pressure washed before touching-up the trim.

Add Shutters

These can either be functional or purely ornamental, but they add a nice tough to your exterior. Functional outdoor shutters have the added benefit of giving you more privacy and protecting your interior from glare and sun damage.

Get On Those Minor Repairs

All of us have that loose step or broken screen we’ve been meaning to fix. Even minor flaws can leave your home looking rundown and lessen its appeal. If you’re not handy or don;t have the time, contact a local contractor or handy man service and get those little odds and ends taken care of.

Little cosmetic changes or minor updates won’t cost a lot, but they’ll add to the overall appearance and appeal of your home. Maintaining you property on a regular basis will help you prevent or spot potentially big problems sooner. That’s where a reputable local contractor can step in.