Monday, 30 January 2023
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Best Indoor Garden Ideas

Everyone dreams of a large garden filled with trees, plants, and vegetables they can grow and harvest themselves, but many people lack the space required by such a garden. To please even those who live in buildings but still want to have their own garden, there is the possibility of creating an indoor garden in the balcony, in the kitchen or even in the living room. Here are some ideas for the best indoor garden that can be created inside.

Use LED lights for a proper garden environment

To help your plants grow properly indoors, you will have to create some environmental conditions just like the ones nature would provide outdoors, namely the right temperature, humidity, and lighting. In terms of lighting, the LED grow lights can help you achieve the perfect level of light, not too much and not too little so that your plants will grow in perfect conditions. The LED grow lights are specifically designed for creating proper indoor light for plants, they are energy efficient ways of creating light and they produce less heat than other lighting systems. An excellent choice would be Erligpowht 45W, a system that we liked the most because it’s very easy to use and it can be easily adapted to any growing stage of your plants. The LED light provided by this system is beneficial for the plants because it can be placed close to the plants without affecting them, thanks to the hanging feature,  and so the light is efficiently used. The plants transpire less because there is less heat in the air so they require less water and by controlling the wavelengths of light that the plants are exposed to, you can increase the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables grown indoors.

Living room gardens

If you have a large living room and you want to create a garden or a greenhouse, you can either build a shelf that will hold the plant pots, or you can create a vertical garden on one of the walls. You will have to build a frame to support the garden, then attach a sheet of plastic foil that you will fill with soil, then you can plant your favorite plants. Don’t forget about the watering system and the proper lighting and you will be able to enjoy your own green corner. A great idea is to hang glass balls from the ceiling and fill them with soil where small plants can grow.

Spicy kitchens

The kitchen is the best place where you can create your personal spice garden where you can grow your favorite herbs and spices. You can either opt for small colorful jars with various spices planted inside or you can create a sack of cloth with several pockets where you can plant the herbs.

Greenhouse balconies

Most apartments have a balcony that can be used as space where you can relax while drinking a coffee or reading a book. The balcony is also the best place where you can create an indoor garden filled with plants of various sizes. Hang flower pots from the ceiling if you want to create a special decor or use recycled items like plastic bottles,