Sunday, 24 September 2023

Clear Your Patio During Winter with Deicing Salt

Winter is here, harsher than ever, and with your roses safely hidden under protective pots, you will think that there is nothing left to do in the garden. An experienced gardener will know that winter is a delicate period during which you have to supervise your less cold resistant plants to ensure they are coping with the harsh conditions well enough. Checking on them from time to time seems like an easy thing to do at first, but then, the first snow falls and you realize that you will have to fight a thick layer of snow in order to reach your beloved plants and trees. However, the snow is only an inconvenience to your mobility; it is ice you have to fear during winter. Snow will protect sleeping vegetation against freezing, but ice can destroy your garden. If you wish to keep an eye on your garden during winter, the first thing you should think about is finding a proper patio snow removal method. You can use shovels and snow throwers to remove the thick layers of snow and deicing salt to melt the ice around the house and on the garden paths. You can find snow removing tools at any supermarket, but it is best to order deicing salt from a trusted company to ensure it quality. The last thing you would want is destroying your concrete with corroding chemicals.

During winter, removing ice and snow is essential for the protection of your family. There are too many cases of people falling on ice during this season to risk anything especially when sprained ankles, broken arms and dislocated hips are the most common injuries. However, you also have to think about protecting your concrete and asphalt. The first thing you should do before the winter starts is to prepare yourself for the worse. Expect heavy snows and you will not be sorry later. Make sure to clean you patio and garden paths of twigs and leaves before the snow start falling, as it will make snow removal much easier. Then, purchase shovels and snow throwers that have a plastic liter, because steel blades will scratch the concrete and ruin your beautiful patio. Rubber snow throwers will protect any type of surface while operating with the same efficiency.

Last but not least on the list should be the deicing solution. Ice is bound to appear during winter especially after you clear a path through snow. The small layer of snow you leave behind will melt during the day and freeze during the night, leaving traps in front of your house. If you do to wish to break something while you check on your garden, you should use deicing salt to make a path through the snow and ice. You will be surprised to learn that not all deicing solutions are great for your concrete or plants. Specialists recommend calcium and rock salt based products, because of the low impact on asphalt and the environment.