Saturday, 23 September 2023

Dealing With Unexpected Wildlife

Folks with homes that are raised are well aware of how irritating and persistent wildlife can be getting underneath the house and making a home, as well as making a mess and bringing bugs that get into the home. However, burrowing is not the only way wildlife can decide to make a presence in a home. Just about every nook and cranny of a home can provide an opportunity for some kind of animal to get in and make a home. And when survival depends on finding a viable food source, water, and shelter, people’s homes make for a very well-protected option if the animal can get in. 

The Closer to the Rural, the More Wildlife Occurs

While the urban settings are not without their versions of wildlife in the form of birds, rats, squirrels, and an occasional raccoon, the closer one gets out to the urban area, the greater a portfolio of critters and animals are going to make their presence known. It’s not unheard of now to be dealing with coyotes and mountain lions in suburbs with sizable greenbelts between neighborhoods. Especially in the western states dealing with massive wildfires, various animals have been driven out of the deep wilderness areas in search of food and shelter. That puts them in contact with people and domesticated animals, which in turn creates new problems and headaches. And sometimes the unheard of is occurring now; wild animals are showing up in urban density areas and adapting.

The Value of a Wildlife Removal Service

Unlike domesticated animals that are used to being around humans and their method of communication, wildlife has no basis or training to deal with humans. That means they end up doing one of two things: running away quickly or attacking. If there is no problem, the animal will likely frequent some other location with less activity, feeling safer. However, if attacking or threatening, that means the animal now thinks its immediate location is a threat to protection. This is where professional wildlife removal services become essential. 

Wildlife Animals are not Peaceful

99 percent of people don’t know how to handle a truly wild animal. They can be outright mean, vicious, and very unpredictable, because that is what is required to survive in nature. Professional removers know this and have gone through training in dealing with different animal types. They also do the job with the correct equipment and protective gear which minimizes the risk of injuries or attack. As a result, anytime one realizes he or she has a wild animal trapped or hiding in a home or backyard, it’s really a smart idea to call a professional for the removal instead of going at it alone. Aside from being attacked, rabies and contamination from bites can be a real health risk as well. And that can turn into a very long and unwanted trip to the hospital. 

Remember, wildlife was out in the open long before people showed up, including new neighborhoods. The Disney version of rabbits, skunks, and deer don’t exist. Instead of finding out the hard way, call a wildlife removal service for a proper response to an unwanted furry guest.