Monday, 30 January 2023

Debunking Water Softener Misconceptions

If you are considering water softeners for your home, you probably understand their importance. Most people understand about water softening because they need the unit to soften hard water. However, for some, the concept of water softeners is new. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information about water softeners, you are likely to hear some misleading information. More often than not, the information out there about water softeners is misleading.

Salty Water

The misconception about the presence of salt in soft water discourages people from investing in water softeners. The myth is probably derived from the ion-exchange procedure that is used to eliminate minerals and metals from hard water. The process uses sodium to produce soft water. However, water softeners Pittsburgh don’t use sodium chloride to soften water. As such, soft water doesn’t contain salt.

Purify Water

You have probably heard that water softeners purify water. The truth is that they don’t clean water. They are primarily designed to reduce water hardness. They are excellent at removing metals and minerals contained in hard water. However, they don’t get rid of all contaminants.

Quite Expensive

The misconception that water softeners are quite expensive discourages people from investing in them. The truth is that installing water softeners is not as expensive as you think. While the initial investment can be huge, it saves you much of your money in the long run. The most significant savings come from increasing the lifespan of your appliances and water heater. Water softeners also save you from frequent repairs on the water heater and home appliances.

Healthy Minerals

When you hear that water softeners eliminate calcium and minerals, you may think that they take away essential minerals. On the contrary, magnesium and calcium deposits are inorganic. As such, they don’t have any benefits as compared to organic minerals obtained from food.

Skin Problems

You might have heard that softened water leaves a film on your skin. Some people believe that soft water doesn’t rinse off soap completely on the skin, leaving a layer of film. The truth is that soft water rinses off soap from your skin completely. You will most likely feel different after using soft water for the first time. In reality, softened water washes away leftover soap scum that you had when previously using hard water.

These are some of the misconceptions you are likely to hear about water softeners. Now that you have known the truth, you can confidently make an informed decision. Contact an expert for water analysis and install water softeners.