Monday, 26 September 2022

Decorating Your Home with Vintage Marquee Lights – Tacky or Creative?

I know that when many of you think about marquee signs and lights, they think tacky, old dinners with decrepit furniture and creepy lighting, but the truth is that there is much more to vintage marquee lights than meets the eye and great, classy things can be done with them even inside your own home. Although numerous interior designers hurried to state that these lights should remain faithful to bars and pubs, many enthusiastic DIY-ers have had the courage to try and blend marquee lighting fixtures and signs inside their houses or gardens and the results were fantastic. Of course, they very much depend on the products you buy and the way you slip and squeeze them into your existing decor, but the bottom line is that they don’t have to be tacky and they won’t if you know how to be creative.

One thing that everyone knows about vintage marquee lights is that they are not subtle. To that extent, if you don’t want your home decor to be tacky, then you have to be subtle in positioning them and making them work. First of all, don’t use to many letters or signs or whatever kind of lighting fixture you choose. One or two words, one figure or just a couple of symbols it’s enough. Don’t over do it and don’t fill up an entire wall or room with them. In addition, whether you want to spell a word or a catch phrase or you want a symbol or a figure, use small size letters or objects for decorating your interior. You can opt for a bigger size if the lights go outside, in the garden or on the patio, but even then, it’s important not to exaggerate as to not cross the threshold from creative to tacky. Another aspect that you need to take into account is the positioning of the lights. The best thing would be to place them in corners or sides of the room and not near any big furniture, so that they don’t draw attention on any particular decor item or piece of furniture in the room.

All things taken into account, if you like vintage marquee lights and think their beauty is lost on raggedy dinners and bars, then you can totally be creative in using them for home decor, you just need to be careful not to overdo it. Any item or object can be classy if you know how to match it with the rest of the interior decor and how to make it blend. There are several resources online that may help you, as there are numerous blogs, websites and platforms on interior decorations, so you should be able to find something on this topic as well, to get some ideas and starting points.