Sunday, 24 September 2023

4 Ideas to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

There are few things that draw more positive attention to your home and are more encouraging to the family that lives inside of it than enhancing its appearance. Whether you are trying to build curb appeal because you eventually want to sell your home or your intention is just to make it look more inviting when you arrive at the end of the day, improving the exterior look of your home not only boosts its value but makes it much more cheerful. Here are a variety of options that allow a lot of latitude in focus and investment. 

A Screened Room Is a Double Treat  

You have seen it many times, virtually every family that has a back porch or a patio eventually turns it into an exterior room. Often those screened rooms are transformed into heated and air-conditioned spaces so they actually become a part of the interior of the home. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the exterior appearance of your house. Plus, it is extremely useful when it comes to needing additional space. It promotes relaxation, community and the utilization of multipurpose room. The best custom exterior screens use the warmth and light of the sun to create a dramatically beautiful and useful space. Today, many of the finer screened extensions can be made to match the appearance of your home and are custom built to the sizes and purposes you need. 

Add a Front Porch 

Constructing a new front entrance for your home, including an overhang, a new door and supports, may be one of the more expensive approvements to your existing home. Nothing has more curb appeal than a new front entrance, however. What needs to be taken into account is the manner in which the new front porch will match up with the existing roof so it looks as if it has always been a part of the original front elevation. While this is probably not best suited for do-it-yourself weekend workers, there are a number of individuals who have indeed completed projects of this nature on their own and have shared their ideas with others. 

Brighten and Highlight With a New Lighting System 

At the other end of the cost spectrum, one of the most cost-effective ways you can enhance the appearance of your home is through an exterior lighting system. It’s always good to take into consideration what you’re trying to accomplish with new lights. Do you want to draw attention to the home? Is your intention to highlight the appearance of the house without making it the most brightly lit house in the neighborhood? Lights can be used to turn your yard into various rooms, illuminate walkways and entrances, provide safety, and draw the eye away from one focal point to another. Remember to take into consideration the brightness and color of the lights you choose. 

Landscaping Makes New 

If there is one area of exterior renovation that allows you to spend a great deal or not too much at all it is landscaping. Landscaping can take an unremarkable exterior and transform it into something that is truly eye-catching. Here are just a few landscaping concepts worth examining: 

  • Create a portable garden. Use attractive potted plants of every nature to turn your porch, walkways and overhangs into natural spaces. 
  • Add trellises, arbors or pergolas. With hanging plants, vines and climbing plants, these grow more beautiful each year of their existence. 
  • Use statuary and other forms of outdoor art. With birdbaths, fountains, metal sculptures and inground pools, you can create real interest that draws the eye of the passerby. 

A beautifully appointed home exterior says volumes about the congeniality and art sense of the people who dwell within.