Saturday, 18 September 2021

Fun Friendship Project Ideas for the Last Day of School

No matter how old you are, you probably remember all the tears you shed on the last day of school. You cried because you didn’t know when you would see your friends again. Depending on how close your kids live to their friends, they might see them a few times over the summer or not see them at all until school starts again. Though they can stay in touch online and with text messages, they’ll still miss each other. You can use some fun friendship project ideas on the last day of school to help kids say goodbye to each other.

Friendship Bracelets

If you went away to summer camp as a kid or had friends in school, you probably made your fair share of friendship bracelets. These bracelets consist of embroidery thread in different colors woven together. Kids can make multiple bracelets and then share them with their friends. Instead of making the same old bracelets that dozens of other kids make, you can let your kids make ones that are more special. Let them pick out beads and buttons to weave with the threads.

Tree of Friends

As long as you have paint and some paper, you can make these fun friendship project. Let the kids get in small groups with their best friends. Give each child a piece of paper and ask him or her to draw or paint a tree on the center of the page. Put out small bowls of different colors of paint. Ask the kids to dip one hand in the paint and then press a palm on the page to make a leaf for the tree. They can have all their closest friends make leaves on their trees. Once the paint dries, they can take their trees home with them.

Friendship Quilt

Older kids may prefer making a friendship quilt. If you have experience sewing, you can make this quilt at home for your child. Give each of your child’s friends a piece of fabric that is the same size and shape. You can also let them pick out a color or pattern of fabric from — a positive post or a local quilting store. They can use fabric paint and other supplies to decorate those patches. You or your teenager can then put those patches together to make a unique quilt.

Friend Snack Mix

Another great friendship project is a friend snack mix. Snack mixes usually contain a base with different ingredients mixed in for flavor. Popcorn that you pop on the stove or in the microwave serves as a great base. Ask each child to bring a favorite ingredient from home to add to the mix. They can bring in chocolate chips, candies, pretzels, crackers or anything else they want. Let the kids add their ingredients to a large bowl of popcorn. Set out plastic bags, mix the ingredients together and help the kids fill their own individual bags to take home with them.

Kids who are more socialized are more likely to succeed in life, going to school gives them the chance to form friendships that will last until long after they leave school. On the last day of school, use any of these project ideas to help kids remember their best friends over the summer.