Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Which Home Plan Style is Right for You?

Whether you are building your dream home or searching for an existing home that meets your needs, it helps to understand popular architectural options so you can identify exactly what you are looking for. Here are five popular styles for home plans and what makes them unique:


Despite varying design trends, Traditional style homes are still the most popular in America today. A Traditional home usually incorporates symmetry and structure. Even sized and spaced windows, simple gables and roof lines and clean lines are common in Traditional home plans. Additionally, porches, shutters, and columns are also popular Traditional options. You can find elements of Traditional design in multiple other architectural styles.


A huge trend today, Farmhouse design incorporates elements that scream “Come on in, everyone is welcome.” The roof lines are usually steep and accented by multiple gables and dormers. Numerous windows allow the warmth of natural sunlight to fill the open rooms inside. From the huge wrap around porches to large open spaces, a farmhouse is perfect for the homeowners who love to entertain. Exterior colors are usually very light. White is widely popular but soft grays, yellows and creams are also common selections.


Craftsman style homes date back to the 19th century and are still very popular. A Craftsman style home usually has visible trim lines on the exterior and interior. The roof lines are low pitched and commonly extend far over the wall of the home lending well to covered porches. On the inside, Craftsman homes highlight the workmanship of the builder with exposed beams and rafters and visible trim around windows, bookcases, window seats and fireplaces. The beautiful wood trim of the Craftsman home is often complimented by stonework or stucco.


Modern homes are usually built from materials that are anything but traditional. Instead of wood and shingles think glass, concrete and metal. Modern home plans incorporate simplicity and clean lines and minimal accents. Modern design elements utilize geometric shapes and monochromatic colors. All building elements usually add subtle touches rather than becoming the focal point of the home. Modern homes are open and spacious with minimal floor to ceiling walls. The more natural light the better and you will likely never see heavy curtains or window coverings in a modern home.


Mediterranean architecture brings elements of Spanish, Italian and other European design to American homes. Red tile roofs, wrought iron balconies, stuccoed walls and arched entryways and windows are just a few of the things you will see with Mediterranean home plans. Courtyards, pathways and fountains are also common in this style. The Mediterranean style incorporates both outside and inside living spaces.

Finding the perfect home plan for you and your family will take time. It is a decision you will have to live with for years to come, literally! Even if you think you know exactly what you want, it never hurts to explore other options. Many design elements can carry over from one architectural style to another, so it never hurts to thoroughly evaluate multiple home plans taking what you like from numerous designs. Thanks to the Internet you can easily browse thousands of home plans until you find what works best for you.