Saturday, 23 September 2023

How Often Do You Clean Your Floors

Most businesses probably have a cleaning plan that gives their floors attention on a daily basis, but mob and bucket cleaning, sweeping, and other basic cleaning methods aren’t the whole story when it comes to maintaining your company’s floors. If you want to keep your customer-facing areas looking elegant and your workspaces safe and well-kept-up, you need to know how often you should call in the professionals. Some deep cleaning can be handled by your own team when necessary. A good example is kitchen staff doing a deep clean on their own workspace. Others, though, you should leave to the professionals. That includes tile, stone, and hardwood flooring.

Professional Cleaners for Stone and Marble

If you have natural stone flooring in any part of your building, it’s a good idea to bring in the professionals a couple of times a year to thoroughly clean them and restore their polish. It’s also not a bad idea to have them on call for emergencies, because many natural stone features have an unfortunate tendency to stain if there are spills that are acidic or that have heavy dyes. This is due to the porous nature of stone. The right sealant and other protective measures are necessary to keep them looking as sharp as the day they are installed, so regular professional attention is the best way to keep them maintained. Floor cleaning Manhattan NY is also a chance for the pros to get a look at your floors, so they know when it’s time to recommend a sealant or other minor repairs.

What About Hardwood?

Wood is another type of flooring that it’s best to let the professionals take care of, at least part of the time. With the right sealant, wood can actually be less prone to picking up stains than stone. Sometimes, it’s also easier to repair if it gets damaged. Like stone, though, it needs more than just a regular sweep and mop to stay in its best shape, and it needs additional professional services if the sealants and other protective measures are going to be effective. Tile is also important to get professional help with, although not for the same reasons. Most tile can repel stains without needing to be resealed because of the way tiles are manufactured. They do occasionally need new grout, though, especially if they are cleaned with the wrong substance. That’s because harsh chemicals can sometimes damage grout, so it’s best to work with a team that can help you maintain your floors for their best lifespan.