Monday, 26 September 2022

How to Organize Your Vanity Area

The vanity area is a woman’s sanctuary, the place where she spoils herself and where she keeps all the products and tools designed to enhance her beauty. Since most women are very organized and they like to know where they keep their things, the vanity area must be kept in perfect order and the items must be perfectly organized. If you want to design a vanity area, here are some organizing tips that will help you keep everything in place for your beauty rituals.

Separate the items in categories

An essential part of the time spent in the vanity area is the skin care, so every skin care cream, mask, gel, and serum must be placed in a corner so that you will always have them within reach. Then you will have makeup products, hair accessories, embellishments and other categories. You can use storage boxes or better yet, opt for a vanity table with plenty or drawers. The items that you use on the daily basis should be placed in the front while the ones you use from time to time can sit more in the back.

Label the makeup products

The makeup products are the main items found in vanity areas and keeping them in order is a tough chore. For this, you will need to use small boxes that will hold the makeup products depending on their category, like eye shadows, foundations, eye and lip liners, or lipsticks. To avoid wandering among all the products to find the one you need, stick a piece of first aid adhesive tape on the casing and apply a thin layer of the lipstick or the eye shadow so that you will know which shade is where.

Put the hair styling tools in racks

You will also want to arrange your hair while at the vanity table, so you will likely have to store plenty of styling products and tools. Therefore, create a special corner for the styling products like hairsprays, hair gels, serums or mousses and put all your hair pins in one place so you will always have them at hand. As for the styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons or hair curlers, you surely don’t want to have a handful of power cables sticking out of the drawers, so you can put them on the walls using hanging hooks. We advise you to invest in one of the 2015 top flat irons, a thin one which can be used both for curling and straightening the hair, so that your vanity area won’t be overcrowded with too many products and tools. There are special wall-mounted holders for your hair dryer and flat iron to sit on the walls or you can offer a new purpose to a wine rack and turn it into a hair styling tools holder. Some of the 2015 top flat irons even come with special bags or boxes for storage as well as with protective mats for counters. Placing a flat iron directly on a wooden surface can severely damage the wood.