Friday, 17 September 2021

Important Features a Knife Sharpener Must Have

Certain things are inevitable in life, and among them is the fact that your once pristine knives will eventually lose their surgical sharpness. When this occurs, you don’t have to throw them out because there is a wide variety of knife sharpeners on the market that will do a great job at restoring the sharpness of the blades, like the ones you can find at But what exactly does such an appliance have to come with in order to deliver the best possible results? To find out, continue to read this article.

Angle select technology

The angle select technology is one of the features that you will find in most of the best picks because it’s a very important one that ensures that as you go through the stages of sharpening the blades of the knives with this ingenious kitchen appliance, the angle of the abrasive surfaces is going to automatically change as well. As the abrasives become finer, the angles will become steeper too. This way, a beveled edge will be created, ensuring that the blade is going to stay sharp even through repeated use. When purchasing top of the line models, they will feature the ability to adjust the finest abrasive to 20 degrees for European and American style blades, and to 15 degrees for Asian style blades. It’s best to go with these types of sharpeners because their versatility in use is going to make your life a lot easier.

Edge select technology

The edge select technology shows that the knife sharpener features different abrasive materials for each stage of the operation. Generally, tungsten carbide or coarse grit diamond is used for the first stage, progressing to ceramic or fine grit diamond in the final stage. This is a crucial feature to look for in order to enjoy the best results possible and to protect and sharpen the blades of your knives properly.

Slip resistant rubber feet

Safety is an issue that must concern you when dealing with knives because they are dangerous tools to work with. The best manufacturers of knife sharpeners out there realize how important safety is when it comes to sharpening the blades of knives, this being the reason why they have provided slip resistant rubber feet for the products that they offer to customers. These rubber feet keep the sharpeners firmly planted on the countertop, ensuring that no unpleasant incident is going to occur when using them.