Monday, 26 September 2022

Innovative Water Filter Systems

Water is the single most important element for our bodies, and for our world in general. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, so keeping them hydrated is vital. Due to global warming effects and other results of human endeavor, our access to drinking water may become limited; the melting of the ice caps at the Poles will indeed produce even more water, but this will likely cause floods or the contamination of already potable water. While we do our best to reduce and reverse these effects, we should also worry about providing fresh water for our families in case something happens. The solution is presented by water filter systems.

Most homes rely on the municipality to deliver water and most of the times, this water is filled with contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, or sediment. Water filters come in various sizes and types and analyzing any whole house water filter review will conclude that this type of filtration system is the most efficient in dealing with a wide range of contaminants as it can filter all the water provided to an entire family. Nonetheless, having this unit installed on the main water pipe will reduce the risk of contracting a waterborne disease.

However, you don’t have to live in a highly polluted area in order to use water filter systems, because even the water on your indoor taps is not clean enough. Usually, authorities put chlorine in the water to sterilize it, but depending on the area where you live, other contaminants can be found in it, such as bacteria, viruses, rust, and others. In under-developed countries, lack of access to clean water is the main source for diseases like malaria, but many other illnesses as well. And while most of us can simply invest in a home water filter system, there are those who could use more adaptable filters, portable ones or more powerful ones.

The world of water filter innovation is in full development, and in what follows, we are going to look at a few of the most interesting filters on the market. First of all, we want to talk about the French Press Filtration system, which functions on almost the same principles of a coffee French press; you place it over the water container, preferably a bottle, and push it down, so the water gets forcefully filtered through it. This device is ideal for people in poor areas, who sometimes have to resort to drinking from ponds or other stagnant bodies of water. It is similar to LifeStraw, which is placed in the water, no matter how dirty it is, and used to drink directly out of it.

China has a major pollution problem, both in the air and water; one of their latest grand-scale solutions was the construction of a bridge that filters the water flowing under it. The Miyi Tower will have a great impact on the environment in the future, and will hopefully represent just one of the many filtering bridges that could be used all over the world. Similarly, a windmill that can filter salted water is in concept and represents another technology for the future. Scientists are even thinking of using solar power to filter water, and the Asians are in the lead again with the water-filtering umbrella, which collects and filters rainwater into a bottle at the bottom.

All in all, perhaps the future is not so grim, and we will be able to find better ways of coexisting with nature without further damaging the resources that have allowed us to prosper so far.