Monday, 5 December 2022

Cheap Car Insurance for Hybrid Cars and Green Vehicles

Electric cars and green vehicles have become very popular over the past few years, and they are now a practical alternative to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. Most manufacturers have developed hybrid vehicles, and many experts believe this type of vehicle is the solution to greener transport for the future.

Hybrid vehicles combine a conventional petrol or diesel internal combustion engine with an electric motor. As well as using less fuel and being better for the environment, hybrid vehicles offer tax advantages for drivers. Hybrid cars also offer driving performance similar to that of traditional vehicles, and aren’t criticised for poor acceleration the way many electric cars have been. The availability of cheap car insurance for hybrid cars is one of the things making some drivers reluctant to switch to this greener transport option.

Hybrid cars are now available in a wide range of models and engine sizes. The Toyota Prius remains one of the most popular, and the current range includes the T3, T4 and T Spirit. Finding cheap car insurance for hybrid cars is a matter of choosing the right model and following a simple process to compare the market for the best prices. The following tips provided by Hybrid Battery Repair LA will guide you to the best deals and cheapest premiums.

1) Consider insurance costs when choosing a hybrid or green car.

If you’ve made the decision to switch to a hybrid, think about the potential cost of insurance when choosing your make and model. A performance vehicle like the Lexus GS 450h will be more expensive to insure than a basic Toyota Prius. Insurance companies calculate the cost of car insurance premiums based on risk factors, and performance vehicles are considered more likely to be involved in accidents than family cars. Car insurance premiums for young drivers can be particularly expensive, so you need to avoid hybrid cars with larger engines if you are under twenty one.

2) Approach a specialist insurance broker for help.

Insurance comparison sites are great for drivers of most types of car, but it’s better to approach a specialist for cheap car insurance for hybrid cars. Niche brokers have access to special insurance products for classic cars, performance vehicles and green and hybrid cars. Most insurance companies don’t know how to approach pricing policies for unusual cars and new technology, and prices may be high if quotes are offered. It’s often assumed that components used in hybrid cars are expensive to repair or replace, and this is reflected in calculations for insurance premiums. A specialist broker will know the underwriters and companies to approach for cover at reasonable premiums.

3) Avoid imported vehicles.

Many manufacturers are making hybrid cars for the UK market now, but there are still some imports available. Imported cars generally cost more to insure, so avoid them if you want to keep your insurance costs down.

4) Don’t modify your hybrid vehicle.

Modified cars generally attract higher insurance premiums, and some insurance companies won’t even quote for them. Even simple modifications like alloy wheels need to be advised to an insurance company, and you may experience problems with a claim if you fail to disclose such information. Adding devices for increased security protection are a possible exception, but always check with your insurance provider before fitting them.

5) Consider a telematics car insurance policy.

Telematics insurance involves having a so called ‘black box’ fitted to your vehicle to record your driving performance. The black box device passes data back to your insurance company, and good drivers are rewarded with premium discounts. Car owners penalised with particularly high premium rates, such as young drivers, can save hundreds of pounds by switching to telematics insurance.