Saturday, 27 November 2021

Keyless Entry Front Door – A Measure for Safety Enhancement or Theft Predisposition?

Woefully, although we have gotten to a point where, as a society, we thrive and try to be better in all domains, not all issues have disappeared. Each year, there are numerous reports of break-ins and thefts in the U.S., an aspect which worries all responsible homeowners. Being naive is the last thing you want to do as, regardless of how safe you feel your neighborhood is, incidents of this nature still happen. Thus, the best thing to do is take matters into your own hands and enhance home security to ensure you will not fall prey to an attack.

With all the tech advancements in this domain, it gets quite complicated to figure out what is the best security measure to take. In this article, our focus will go towards keyless entry front door systems. You must know all the up and downsides of the system before you take a decision, as you would not want to spend your cash on a “security” device which actually predisposes you to thefts instead of eliminating the possibility for them to happen completely.

What is keyless entry?

Keyless entry is a smart, new type of manner to access entry into your home. The smart locks which grant keyless entry, instead of having you rely on a physical key to open the door, provide you entry with the help of fobs, key cards, electronic keypads, smartphone technology, or through fingerprint scanning. Their success and the hype around these systems comes from their modern design, making your life easier by not having you search for your keys in the bag frantically when you are carrying heavy groceries, for example. Smart locks do provide a more convenient way to enter the home, all while actually helping enhance home security in more ways than you might first give them credit as there does not exist the risk for someone else to grab a hold of your keys anymore due to their inexistence.

Up and downsides worth taking into consideration

As with any security system in existence, there still exist some risks to keyless entry. Smart locks might have come a long way, but they are not perfect either, that is a certainty. In the following, we will offer you information about their upsides as well as their downsides, thus giving you a better picture of their trustworthiness.

Keyless entry systems advantages:

  • The keyless aspect provides a major advantage – not having to worry about losing keys anymore. Thus, you do not have to preoccupy yourself with the thought that someone else might get a grab on the key to the front entrance to your home, and you won’t have to lose time finding where you put them every time you leave the house.
  • People who do not have the code or password to your home will not be able to gain entry without asking you. Also, you can give trusted family members access without them having to carry any physical means of entry with them whenever they come to your house.
  • People with certain disabilities will gain easier entry inside the house as there is no fuss involved with opening the door anymore. They just have to use their fingerprint, a code, or type a password, and access is granted.
  • You know who has entered your home at all times. This surveillance over people who come in and out of your home allows you to not only keep tabs on what other household members are up to, more precisely your kids but to be aware of the traffic in your home at all times as well.
  • They are definitely more aesthetically pleasing than the classic door locks. The modern design and finish of these front door locks is appealing, especially for those who have modern homes and put an accent on how the exterior of their properties looks.

Keyless entry systems disadvantages:

  • If you do not clean the door entry system, you make it easy for intruders to find out the PIN or password for entering your home as marks are left behind. This is not necessarily a peril as long as you make sure to clean the system regularly and eliminate the possibility of this occurrence.
  • You have to be aware of the fact that the PIN should not be shared with everyone. This crucial information must only be in the hands of those you would trust with your life, not acquaintances or neighbors who you do not know that well. Otherwise, you are basically inviting thieves into your home.
  • Make sure that if you purchase an electrically powered system it has a battery backup. Otherwise, in the event of a power failure, you are left with the door open, making it a breeze for burglars to take all of your possessions.
  • As there is a password, code, or PIN to remember, you might be inconvenienced at first by the installation of the entry system in case you tend to be forgetful. Even worse, you could be found in an awkward position where you cannot gain entry into your own home unless you call someone else who knows how to open the door.

Is a smart entry system right for you?

Now that you know all there is to know about the pros and cons of keyless entry systems, you have to ask yourself if it is the right change for you to make. We do recommend these systems as they are superior to classic door locks from all points of view. However, we do not deny that they are not perfect, as there are a few flaws to keyless entry as well. But when looking at the bigger picture, they are safer, more convenient to use, and they fit better in the modern, tech-advanced world we live in.

So…Is it a good move or not to make the switch?

As aforementioned, from our point of view, going from a traditional front door lock to a keyless one is a smart switch. Not only will your life be made a whole lot easier by the security system, but you won’t have to worry that perpetrators might get their hands on your keys, make copies of them, and thus gain access to your home.