Monday, 30 January 2023

Year Round Pool Maintenance Fundamentals

Having a pool is one of the greatest things you can own because it contributes to your overall well-being. Having a swim or chilling by the pool on a hot summer’s day is everything we wish for whilst sitting in the office writing this article. However, you must remember that there are some tasks which you need to do in order to ensure that your pool is in the best condition that it can possibly be. The better you take care of it, the longer you will have. Below, we have highlighted some maintenance fundamentals which you must complete:

Remove debris

It’s important that you take away dead leaves and debris from the pool because it can have negative effects on the circulation system. You should also check the filter because some dirt can get stuck and it can defect it.

Clean filter

Don’t forget that some dirt is good for your filter to have because it will block fine particles such as sand. Do not over stress with it or wash it too often because it can ruin it and you will actually do more damage than good. Did you know that there are 2 main different types of filters? In order to effectively clean it, you need to know which one out of these you have.

Sand filter
  • This is one of the most common filters because it removes fine particles dirt which most households commonly have. If you want to clean it, you must backwash it when the pressure gauge shows you a 7+ increase in its operating pressure. When we said you need to leave a little bit of dirt inside of it, we were referring to this filter. Pool experts recommend that you backwash it every season rather than every month. This is because the remaining dirt will capture dirt more efficiently.
Cartridge Filters
  • The cartridge will remove the oils and greases from the actual filter. You should change it when the pressure gauge shows the same as the sand filters. All you have to do is hose off all the dirt and grease you see then, let it dry for at least 10 hours. It’s important that you let them soak because it will increase the filter capacity to clean better. If you do not want to wait that long, you can just purchase an extra cartridge and replace it as soon as you take the dirty one out.

Test pool water chemical levels

During summer it’s essential that you check this in order to ensure that it’s safe to swim in it and that it’s sanitized. You do not have to hire anyone to do this, you can purchase test strips which will let you know the alkalinity levels straight away. You should remember that there shouldn’t be any metals present such as iron and copper and the pH level should be anything from 7.2-7.6. It’s also fundamental that the calcium levels are in check. If you are not sure what the correct levels should be for your pool, you should check the user manual for your pool. Here are some effects of swimming in a pool which does not have the correct chemical levels:

    • A rash all over your body
    • Eye-infections
    • E.coli and salmonella
    • Urinary tract infections

Check the circulation system

What we mean by this is that you need to check the pumps, drains and filters. Even if you purchase the most high-quality products on the market, it’s inevitable that they will get damaged as time passes. By having these work as efficiently as they can possibly work, it means that the chemical levels will remain safe and that water gets filtered well. We recommend that you check it even in the winter time because some may take a longer period of time to get changed or fixed.

Vacuum the pool and scrub the walls

We advise you to vacuum it monthly if not weekly because it removes the dirt which the filter didn’t pick up and you will not add as many chemicals. You may be aware that even if you manually remove the leaves, it doesn’t mean that you will remove everything because some dirt sinks to the bottom. No one wants to swim in a pool full of leaves. In addition to this, you should also brush the walls with a stiff brush if you have concrete walls or a soft brush if you have fibreglass walls. By doing this you will remove the algae build up.


If you want your swimming pool to last for as long as possible, you need to put an effort to maintain it and keep it clean all year around. The more you take an interest in it, the safer it will be to swim in it and it will be more sanitized.