Monday, 18 October 2021

Alkaline Water in Stores – Safe to Consume or Bottled Health Hazard?

In order to discuss about alkaline water, one must understand what it is. Alkaline water refers to the pH level within it. In other words, this means that the pH level measures how alkaline or acidic the water you’re drinking is. If you were to drink purified water, you would get a pH of around 7 whereas alkaline water would provide you with a pH around 9. The alkaline water you can purchase from stores is described to be “miracle water”, as WaterIonizer.Reviews say, that can help regulate the acidic levels in your body, slow the aging process, and prevent diseases such as cancer. Nonetheless, before you consider buying alkaline water, you must research the possible side effects of the excess alkaline. This article will undoubtedly help you with your decision.

Is alkaline water beneficial or unsafe?

There are a few doubters about the benefits of alkalized water. However, we must consider that ionized water has a negative oxidation-reduction which could benefit your Gut health. It has disinfectant properties which help your body fight against the microorganisms that enter in your gut. Furthermore, in the sport’s world, alkaline water has become more of the buzzword for athletes and their diet. Over time, studies show that the ionized water helps the body to retain more fluid which can lead to better hydration levels from those fluid reserves. The more hydrated you are, the more likely you are to perform better. As well as, a study created in the UK claims that a number of people have found a difference in their blood viscosity after drinking the ionized water in comparison with drinking normal water. Blood viscosity is a measurement of how blood travels through vessels. It was concluded that the body is better oxygenated during an intensive workout if the subject drunk the alkaline water.

Additionally, by drinking alkaline water you could potentially slow the aging process and lose weight at the same time. This water has antioxidant which neutralize the molecules named as free radicals, these are one of the factors that increase aging. Also, as it’s mentioned above the ionized water balances the pH level in your body. Research claims that acid could be absorbed by the body that in turn gets transformed into fat cells that are stored in tissue. Alkaline water reduces the acidic level in your body.

Is it safe for pets?

It is worthy to note that alkaline water is also good for pets. Just like humans, our pets are exposed to many diseases such as gut problems, excessive shedding, dehydration and more. By allowing your pet to drink alkaline water you could give your beloved one the care it needs in these cases. It would help their diet and overall well-being.

Health risks that you should be aware of

On the other hand, there are some health risks if you provide your body with excess alkaline. Firstly, our body is already set to manage the acidic levels in our system, by providing extra ionized water you could damage the normal functioning system. As well as, if you have a kidney disease and you take medication, the ions from the alkalinity can accumulate in your body. Thus, giving you would be giving your body extra work.

Water bottles are made of redefined plastic. Eventually, if the bottles are kept for a long period of time, the toxins from the bottle will transfer into the water, making it a health risk. As well as, plastic isn’t sustainable for the environment. You are not just putting yourself at risk but also the environment. It is good to know that water absorbs petrochemicals such as cancer-causing chemicals, Phosphates and much more. These chemicals disturb hormone levels as well as, the immune system. You could potentially introduce your body to harmful chemicals. Not only that but, water bottles are more costly than buying an alkaline water ionizer.

Why use a water ionizer

A water ionizer converts the purified water into alkaline water. This is cost-efficient and safe. In a study conducted in America, it was claimed that ionized water achieved at home costs around 6 cents per normal size glass, whereas a bottled alkaline water can cost around $2. In conclusion, the benefits of alkaline water outweigh the negatives. However, drinking healthy water from a hazardous water bottle beats the purpose of doing good to your body.