Saturday, 27 November 2021
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Basic Things You Should Know about Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding represents the process through which certain companies from the international environment manage their businesses related to import and export. Contrary to the common belief, the forwarding agents don’t really transport the cargo by their own means, but it is the intermediary between the company needing transportation services and those who offer them. There are a lot of procedures and bureaucracy in sending products from one country to another, related not only to carriers or vehicles but also to international laws and regulations, and a professional freight forwarder will take care of all these. For this reason, it is very important to collaborate with a reliable agent, since they work on your behalf and will have to take care of your cargo, of the logistic aspects and also of the legality details – so they have a huge responsibility.

Nowadays, the forwarding market is dominated by some multinationals which have the most important contracts, which leaves few available opportunities for independent agents. In order to solve this issue, they can always become members of a freight forwarders network – an alliance formed to compete with huge companies from the industry.

As a business man, having as a partner a trustworthy forwarding agent means eliminating from the beginning a considerable burden. There are many benefits for having a forwarder facilitating this process for you: to begin with, you have the guarantee of their professionalism and experience due to their pervious collaborations. You will know that your merchandise is safe and arrives timely and in good condition to its destination, no matter in which part of the world this is, because all these details are established from the very beginning. Generally, forwarders already have relationships and partnerships with carriers of all kinds, in all the big cities of the world, from airlines, to trucking companies, rail freighters or even water transportation agencies. This is why they will be able to deliver anything you need to almost any international destination, using the most convenient route, both in terms of finances and in terms of efficiency. A professional forwarder will analyze all the options available and then negotiate to obtain the best terms and prices, not only for them but also for you. In case you have a product to transfer to another country, the forwarder will present you with all the possibilities and explain the prices, which may vary according to the origin and destination, route, additional conditions or requirements. For example there are certain products which need refrigeration, or special care – such as hazardous items.

Once the client and the forwarder reach an agreement regarding all the details of the collaboration, an official document is signed and the forwarder starts to take all the responsibility: getting in touch with a transportation company and arranging the transfer from the origin to its destination. Furthermore, another advantage of using professional forwarding services is that they can also provide and facilitate auxiliary services and procedures, which someone who has nothing to do with the field does not know about.