Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Cleaning Up after Home Remodeling

I had my house remodeled last spring and although the contractors did a fantastic job and my home looked exactly as I wanted, when they were done, they left behind a greater mess than I could have ever imagined. The truth is that, before I began the project, I took into account all sorts of situations, thinking what was the worse that could happen if the house wouldn’t turn out like we talked about, but I never stopped to think that I would need help cleaning up after them. Anyway, I didn’t want to hire a cleaning company, because the entire remodeling project had been quite expensive on its own and I was a little short on money, so I asked my friends and family to help me. We managed to handle most of the cleaning, getting rid of left over materials, boxes, dirt and so on, but when we actually got into the house, I noticed that the carpets were ruined. There was no way I could clean those myself, so I began looking for the best carpet cleaners in Perth, which was also a sort of adventure.

Because I like my carpets very much and some of them are even expensive, I wanted the job done by professionals, experts even, so every time I contacted a company claiming to be the best carpet cleaners in Perth, I insisted on telling them that I had the house remodeled and that this wouldn’t be a regular spring clean or something of the sort. On the phone, they were all very courteous and said there was nothing they couldn’t handle, but even though I had specifically told them about the stains and the status of my carpets, two companies made me take them to their facility in vain. When they laid eyes on the carpets, they said there was nothing they could do to get them perfectly clean again. I was on the verge of giving up and trying some DIY stuff I had read online, when my sister told me she had done some digging and found this cleaning service that was supposed to be fantastic.

I contacted them and they said they needed to take a look at the carpets, they came in and said it can be done and then used steam cleaning and some kind of treatment on all of them. It worked. My carpets finally looked clean again, even after those nasty stains the workers left. And it wasn’t all that expensive after all. They really were the best carpet cleaners in Perth, at least for me. I decided that, from that moment on, I would always call them whenever I wanted a general clean, as I could have never make such a great job myself. I also have to say that, although I am pretty keen on remodeling and renovating, I am currently thinking twice before undergoing such an experience again.