Saturday, 18 September 2021

When You’re Decorating a Cabin

The best living is cabin living! If your home is surrounded by trees or if you are lucky enough to have a cabin in the woods, decorate your home to reflect its woodsy nature. Mountain decor is cute, timeless and a fun choice for a rustic household.


Going on a Bear Hunt

Our ursine friends are a reality all over the woodsy world, so celebrate them by choosing black bear decor for common areas like the living room.

  • Signs and cute illustrations can add a touch of whimsy to walls and even front doors. Be on the lookout for wall art featuring bears.
  • Artists can do amazing things with a chainsaw and a tree log. Check out local art in your area to find things like wood sculptures and carvings. These look great on the front porch!
  • Have you ever looked on Pinterest for DIY bear crafts? It doesn’t matter if you’re handy or not — there are projects for all skill levels.

Natural Touches

Furniture made from knotted, natural wood makes for classic pieces that reflect the outdoor style. Chairs, tables and benches made from polished logs and thick branches are sturdy and durable, but they also match the theme by bringing the outdoors inside.

  • Countertops made from wood slices are a stunning conversation piece that immediately dresses up your space.
  • Logs and chunks of wood are easy enough to turn into side tables when you follow a tutorial. This can be a unique way to preserve any trees that you were reluctant to cut down.
  • Ferns are a low-maintenance forest shrub that can be brought indoors. Place potted plants around your home to freshen up any room.

Outdoor Living

What’s better than an evening under the stars surrounded by thick trees? Don’t forget about the outside spaces of your home when you’re decorating.

  • A fire pit is a staple for hanging out outdoors. Dig a small circle in your yard and build a fire pit around it from cinder blocks.
  • Illuminate the space with lanterns, torches and quirky strings of lights.
  • Offer plenty of seating to make guests feel instantly welcome. It’s worth investing in a nice set of outdoor furniture for an added wow factor.

Decorating a cabin is a good task to have in front of you, even if it’s a vacation home. Take inspiration from your home’s surroundings and embrace the woods in all their glory.