Sunday, 24 September 2023

How to Choose an Air Purifier

Nowadays, an air purifier can be more important than you realize; as we’ve become more aware of the environmental footprint that some of our practices leave, we have also come to realize some of these effects are irreversible, or would take great effort and change to reverse. One of the principal results of our industries and technologies has been the pollution of the air we breathe; add to that particulate matter, which differs in density depending on each country’s practices and endeavors, and we’ve got a real health threat.

In cities like Beijing or New Mexico, levels of pollution and smog are so high they actually block sunlight in some days, and Beijing has not seen a full sunrise in years. People in these places need to wear breathing masks outdoors, otherwise they could get severely ill very soon. And while the situation has not reached such extremes in other parts of the world, the way things are going, this is a pretty foreseeable future. All that we can do is make sure our own personal practices are protecting, or at least not affecting the environment, and at least improve the quality of the air in our homes through air purifiers.

But how do we know how to choose an air purifier? First of all, you should read some air purifier reviews. The reviews can uncover some safe shopping tips, helping you choose units suitable for your home. If your problem is quite serious, then you’ll want to turn your attention towards in-duct air purifiers, or whole house air purifiers that are installed directly in the air vents. These types of air purifiers refresh the air in your entire home, and they also eliminate foul odors, bacteria, viruses, spores, mold, dust, pollen, cockroach allergens, dust mites, or animal dander. These are commonly called particle removal air filters, they are mechanical, and can be divided into two more categories: panel air filters and extended surface filters.

Look for air purifiers that come with HEPA filters, which are the best in preventing and stopping bacteria and other contaminants that affect your health. Another type of air purifier are the in-duct gaseous ones, which contain gas-phase filters, but they have not been properly approved yet, under the suspicion that the filters themselves pose great risk if not changed on time.

However, if you want a room air purifier, look for portable air purifiers, which will clean the air in your home just as well. For example, you can utilize it in a room after someone smoked in there, but also in the baby’s room to make sure the air is clean, or in the kitchen after cooking. Nevertheless, look for some safe shopping tips as not all air purifiers can handle all types of air contaminants. Some are only suited for unpleasant odors, while others are suited for allergens.