Monday, 18 October 2021

How to Make Your Body More Alkaline

An acidic body is a perfect host for numerous diseases, an alkaline state being preferred for you to stay out of harm’s way. The excessive acidity has actually been linked to health issues such as excess weight, pain, and more, even favoring the appearance of some forms of cancer. Everything has its role when it comes to our health, and nothing should be in excess. Thus, to lead a healthy and long life, you have to ensure complete balance in your body. To do this, you must make your body more alkaline, this way making it an unfavorable environment for diseases. In the following, we will teach you what you can do to make your body more alkaline, so continue to read and apply the advice given here to stay away from health problems.

1. Switch from Drinking Regular Water to Drinking Alkaline Water

Hydration is one of the key elements to our survival. But it’s not only essential to drink the necessary amount of water each day, being equally important that you drink quality water as well. Regular water, whether it comes from the tap, the filter, or you buy it, isn’t as hydrating as the vastly superior alkaline water. There are a few methods to acquire and consume the ultra-hydrating, mineralized, and alkaline boosting water, and in the following, we will present these methods to you:

Method #1 – Install an Alkaline Water Machine

The most convenient manner to enjoy drinking the healthy alkaline water on a daily basis is to install a water ionizer at home. These electric appliances can cost anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars, so you have to set a generous budget aside when making the investment. Nonetheless, it’s one of the smartest purchases that you could make as you will have alkaline water at your disposal 24/7, and seeing how modern water ionizers come with numerous features that help boost their performance, capabilities, and the quality of the product that they deliver, comparison can be found on, you will end up spending your money on an appliance that exceeds your expectations.

Method #2 – Buy Alkaline Water

There are numerous grocery stores and other types of stores that sell bottled alkaline water along with other types of specialty waters that are quite good for your health. Also, you can order bottled water in bulk online if you want. While this is a viable method to turn to, we don’t recommend it as you will end up paying more money than you should. It’s still better both financially and when it comes to the quality of the water that you will drink to install an alkaline water machine.

Method #3 – Prepare Alkaline Water at Home

Alkaline water can even be prepared at home, which is good news for those who don’t have the budget to purchase a water ionizing machine. Our favorite recipe for this specialty water involves the use of lemons. What you must do is to fill a pitcher with clean, filtered water, add a lemon that you have cut in eight into the water without squeezing the juice, cover the pitcher and let it sit at room temperature for 8 to 12 hours, and mineralize the water at the end with one tablespoon of Himalayan sea salt.

2. Insert Healthy Fat in Your Diet

People are accustomed to associating fat with a lack of health. But the truth of the matter is that fat can be a great source of alkalinity for the body if it’s assimilated from the right types of products. For example, certain nutrients, such as vitamins A and E, are better absorbed by our bodies when fat is present. Thus, it’s ideal to add a small amount of oil into the preparation process of the food to increase its nutritional value. When looking to boost the alkalinity of your body, you should consume extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, unrefined coconut oil, and flaxseed oil.

3. Be Careful About the Fruits that You Eat

Fruits are a vital part of a healthy diet, it’s undeniable. When striving to make your body more alkaline, make sure that you insert the right fruits in the right manner to maximize the results and fasten the process. The fruits that have proven to be most beneficial to the alkaline diet are sour cherries, lemons, limes, bananas, watermelons, and figs. Also, make sure that you consume at least 3-4 half-cup servings per day in order to actually help alkaline levels grow and to lower the body’s acidity.

4. Follow a Diet That Is Predominantly Based on Vegetables

Just like fruits, vegetables are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. When following an alkaline diet, it’s recommended that you put an accent on the consumption of kale, celery, broccoli, cucumber, and alfalfa grass. These vegetables aren’t only low in calories, meaning that you can consume them in big portions and your figure won’t suffer, but they are filled with vitamins C and K as well. Of course, these aren’t the only vegetables that you should consume as you are allowed to eat any type of veggie you want, but they are the ones that give the best results when it comes to raising the body’s alkalinity.

5. Switch to Eating Plant-Based Proteins.

Every food group plays an important role when it comes to our health and well-being, proteins making no exception to this rule. When it comes to what you should eat when you’re trying to boost the alkaline levels in your body, it’s recommended that you focus on consuming plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, tofu, seeds, lentils, and brown rice. Eating these healthy proteins moderately will make your body more alkaline, and it will help lower the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease as well.