Monday, 26 July 2021

Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

The Halloween party, joins the dead that appear in the night. Plunged into darkness, driveways and streets you encounter mysterious and hidden surprises. What creature hide in the shadows of your house? Add an extra touch to the nocturnal and dramatic atmosphere; it is not a difficult goal to achieve. You just need imagination, creativity and a few basic materials. Here are a few Halloween DIY ideas for the interior that will frighten everyone.

The classic pumpkin

If you are lucky to have a neighbor who grows pumpkins, ask him to give you one (it is the best opportunity to talk to your neighbor). Otherwise, you can find one in at the market or in supermarkets. It is traditional, it’s cheap and the kids love seeing threatening faces lit from within by a candle! Give your imagination free reign and experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors.

Halloween garland

A beautiful decoration for Halloween do not necessarily require a lot of work and time to be realized. A paper garland of different colors is a good idea for your home decor; and you can even create it at the last minute. Opt for a paper garland in orange, black or gold and draw some bats and skeletons on it, to give it a more authentic Halloween look.

Decorate your table

Choose a Halloween decoration in different colors and wild shapes, to surprise your guests! Decorate the plates, cups, and bowls with skeletons and make your own fun decor! A great idea is to make jelly or cakes in different shapes and colors and make them look like terrifying things : spiders, skeletons, bats, mice, etc. If you have children, this is a great task for them. You can ask them to decorate the table as they wish with whatever scary things they like.

Scary portraits

These terrifying family photographs are actually very easy to make. Make black and white photos of family members, give them an old and worn out look by lightly washing the pictures with a sponge dipped in black tea or some coffee and use vintage wood frames. You can even use a photo editor to modify the pictures as you choose.

Experiment with the light

A strong and bright light is not appropriate for the Halloween party. We must create a supernatural and sinister atmosphere. The lanterns, candles and LED lights that create a soft lighting are perfect for this purpose. Halloween pumpkin lanterns are beautiful and can be used as decorative elements.

Match the decor with your costume

If you plan on dressing up as a witch this year, you might want to decorate your home with brooms, cauldrons and other witch related decorations. If you don’t know what costume to choose this year, look for inspiration online. You can dress out as a pirate ghost and decorate your home with spider webs and tarnished nautical decorations or you could dress up like a mad scientist and make your home look like a creepy laboratory.