Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Moving Homes in Ottawa – 3 Little Secrets to Make it Easier

Everybody knows just how much of a hassle it is to move houses. Even though you might be excited about moving into a bigger house or into a better neighborhood, when you think about all the stuff you have to wrap and pack and move, it really puts a damp on your excitement. Of course, everybody also knows that if you want to make the process much easier, you resort to professional moving companies that do everything for you. They wrap and pack your things, everything from big furniture items to clothes, and then unpack at the new house. However, these services can be quite expensive and if they were to make too big of a whole in your budget, then it would be better to just do it on your own. To that extent, there are a couple of little things you can do to make your life easier in this regard and below you can read all about it, from researching Ottawa towing companies to buying a label maker.

  1. Get everybody involved

Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, there is no way you can move houses by yourself, so if you can’t afford to hire the services of a moving company, then you need to get all of your friends and family members involved. Promise them a nice barbeque in the back yard of the new house when everything is done, but get them to help you. The more hands you have, the quicker and smoother everything will go. In order to avoid chaos though, and have people step on each other’s toes, give everybody certain tasks. For instance, nominate two people in charge of wrapping, two in charge of packing, other two in charge of loading boxes into the car and so on.

  1. Set up transportation

Since not many people have large trucks to carry all of the boxes and furniture at once, you have to take into account making several trips, back and forth, until everything is moved. You might need several cars as well, if you don’t want to spend too much time through traffic and just to have all bases covered, you might also want to jot down the number of an Ottawa towing company. With having so many trips to make, it is not out of the question for your car to break down or something, so it’s good to have such a number at hand. The last thing you need is to spend hours on the side of the road, while there are so many boxes still to load and move.

  1. Buy a label maker

This may sound silly, but a label maker might just be your best friend when it comes to moving houses. You can get all of your friends to help with packing and unpacking, with loading boxes and making trips back and forth to the new house, but in the end you’ll still have chaos if you end up with dozens of boxes and you don’t know where your clothes are, where your plates and glasses are and so on.  Label everything and that way, you will easily determine which boxes are higher priority, which ones you need to unpack first or where to find a certain item if you need it, even if you haven’t unpacked yet.