Monday, 26 September 2022

Options in Hardwood Floor Installation

It is a well-known fact that hardwood floors are at the top of the list when it comes to home remodeling and renovation, as they are very popular among homeowners due to the many benefits they bring and their gorgeous aspect. It is also well known that this type of flooring gives you plenty of options and variety when it comes to design and appearance, which is another reason why hardwood floors are so incredibly popular, desire the fact that they can be quite expensive. However, the looks of the floors or the design of the entire flooring project for your home are not the only areas in which you get to benefit from options, as the installation process itself gives you a few alternatives as well. Hardwood floors, as opposed to other types of flooring, are not the kind you want to try and do yourself, so it’s important you find experienced and skilled hardwood floor installation Ottawa services, if you want the final look to be impeccable.

The options you have in hardwood floor installation depend on the exact type of flooring you purchase and also on your sub floor. The traditional installation process is quite a big project and can’t be properly done by enthusiastic DIYs, which is why professional hardwood floor installation Ottawa services are required. Hardwood floors are basically floors made from solid wood, which bends and bows when it is exposed to heat and moisture, therefore the first installation step is the preparation of the sub-floor. This needs to be perfectly leveled and cleaned, not to mention moisture tight. The traditional installation process involves nailing down the hardwood boards end to end, starting at the room’s focal point. The boards are then sealed and finished after they’ve been nailed down completely. This has always been a laborious process, which is why newer techniques were developed to make the job less strenuous and maybe even a little faster. The contemporary flooring installation process depends, nonetheless, of the boards you purchase, as some of them have an interlocking tongue-and-groove system, which means installers can snap them together.

There are also boards that allow to be glued down rather than nailed to the sub-floor and others are pre-finished, which means the installation process is basically limited to laying the boards down. Although hardwood floors essentially refer to board that are made from real, solid wood, there is now also engineered wood flooring that falls under that category as well. Engineered hardwood is a relatively new material and it refers to boards that are made of multiple wood layers, not all of them necessarily solid wood. The installation process for engineered hardwood floor is basically the same with the traditional process, but it can be done in areas that are humid as well and it can also be placed above radiant heating systems. Regardless of what you have in mind for your home, it is wise to remember that if you want all the benefits and the high end aspect that hardwood floors give to a house, then you need to give the installation process serious thought and hire an experienced company for hardwood floor installation in Ottawa.