Tuesday, 19 October 2021
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Top 15 Certification Vendors for IT industry

IT the most used abbreviation in the present times actually refers to Information Technology. The technology that’s working everywhere around us and which we are using write now even. The scope of any career in IT industry is endless and very bright. Spreading information through technology like web, computers, mobile phones, televisions etc seems so natural to us. And this is made possible through our IT industry’s fast paced growth.

Just as in medical career specialization in certain field is needed to reach a higher level of job the same path is taken in IT sector. To manage your place and development in this sector you need you knowledge to be updated through different certification programs and training. For this you got to choose a vendor according to your needs. You have to find the vendor who can give you training in your desired field, in your desired way and on your desired price. To sort out your this problem we have compiled the following list.

Top 15 certification vendors for IT industry:

1. Cisco.com
Cisco is much popular and remarkable vendor for IT certification. Their main certifications are divided in 5 parts – Entry, Associate, Professional and Expert. The fifth certification program is that of Architect Certification.
2. Oracle.com
Oracle certifications are one of the most beneficial certification you can get yourself enrolled into. The bases of differentiation of oracle certifications are on the basis of products and technology. They a have a diversified certifications compiled for their trainees to choose from.
3. Zend.com
Zend provides some very successful and unique certification programs to its trainees. Their training is much recommended if you are new to IT industry as they clear the basics with very much ease. Php and Certification are their most competitive certification programs.
4. Motorolasolutions.com
Motorola, much known for their mobile phones provide their certification on three programs- mobiles, wireless network and radio. Their training is very extensive, more than enough to make you an expert in not much time.

5. Cloudera.com
Usually known for their HADOOP validation, Cloudera is one of the only few vendor in IT sector to give their trainees such a precise and meticulous training lessons. Their certification is unique and hence valued much more than others.
6. Test-king.com
If some tells you to give Real questions that are more than a lot possible to come in your exams, you will take them for anything. Well test-king is said to provide these at affordable rates and also their study material is very fruitful, once studied thoroughly.
7. Cppinstitute.org
C++ institute is the most generous vendor you can ever find. With all their varied programs for certification they provide free e-learning as well as a lot of useful study material on their site for self study. They guide their trainees very well and can make a huge difference in your certification program.
8. Lpi.org
Linux Professional Institute provides their rigorous and top-class training in 3 levels. The first level, called LPIC 1, is beginners program for Linux administrators. The second program is for Linux Professional and is called LPIC 2. LPIC 3, the last certification program is for the senior level Linux Professionals.
9. Braindumps.com
Braindumps need no introduction as being already much known to almost all the IT aspirants for its superb study material and training programs. The most successful results of their training is considered to be the following: ccna voice dumps, jncia dumps, iseb dumps.

10. Hds.com
Hitachi gained all its fame for its different products but those who knew this company well is aware that Hitachi is one of the best vendors for IT certification and training. Their most of the certifications are related to their own products. Hitachi’s training is beyond excellence.
11. Avaya.com
Avavya is well known vendor of IT industry providing designing, installing and supporting Avavya solutions. Their certification and training courses are very well defined and thoroughly taught.
12. Ibm.com
All those aspiring to be developers, system analysts and implementers for Information Technologies’ sector IBM is their best shot. IBM provides advanced training sessions and certifications that will enhance your IT skills to a new level.
13. Symantec.com
Security and Available Technical Expertise is Symantec’s certification’s main are of concern. Their training is mostly through diligent assessments and thoroughness in practical and theory study material.

14. Riverbed.com
Riverbed is slowly but steadily coming on top with every passing of day. Their certification programs have a wide variety and affordability too. The training provided by riverbed is enough to make you an IT expert quite fast.
15. Pass4sure.co.uk
Pass4sure will provide all its students the desired and expected results which it guarantees to you. Their study material is far easily explained and well-written with precise importance given to the most important of subject matters. Pass4sure can ease up your way to your dream IT job.